Vince Gray, and the Curse of the local born mayor of Chocolate City

And so Vince Gray, Washington D.C.’s latest favorite son, is on the ropes. This is what I am told from the city of Chocolate.  The federal investigation into his campaign to become mayor in 2011 has yielded its first indictment and it is near the top of his team.

Vince, people need to realize, is confronting the hometown curse. This is the curse that says if you are from Washington D.C., that is, being born here, you are doomed to fail in the job as mayor.  I know no one believes me, but the city has had three mayors born locally, and all of them, faced hell in office, and failure.  The first was Sharon Pratt Dixon (or Kelly).  Ms. Kelly, a woman I respect dearly, became mayor on December 7, 1991, and served one term (1991-1995). She vowed to sweep Marion Barry and his entrenched cronies out of office. However, she was unable or unwilling to do so. While she did streamline the government, the one event remembered from her time in office was the fact that the Washington Redskins decided to leave the city while she was in office. Allegedly, Jack Kent Cooke, the famous owner of the team, grabbed her on the buttocks and Kelly was done with the fool. (For the record, this is all street chatter), so the deal died, the team retreated to the burbs to become perennial losers for 20 plus years now.

Adrian Fenty was next. He also served for one term 2007-2011, infuriated the teacher’s union, infuriated the local black population that was shrinking, and was voted out easily last term when the last mayor, Vince Gray arrived.

What do they all have in common?  Kelly, Fenty, and Gray were all born in Chocolate City and attended school there.  Gray is now facing allegations of criminal violations stemming from his successful mayoral run.  An aide has been indicted.  The feds are coming for Gray.  Are local folks (like myself), people born in Washington D.C., cursed as mayor of the city?  Or is this just a conspiracy? Stop.


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