East Lansing Dispatch

There was a sign in East Lansing, Michigan today that said:

The closer we get to the election, the more ridiculous it will get.  I am glad to have seen the country as it is since coming to work in Michigan.  In Washington D.C., my home town, the cocoon of Chocolate City blinds you. It might not be that “chocolate” anymore, but it is still diverse and there are liberated zones. There are also all kinds of people there, from all kinds of racial and ethnic groups.
Michigan and the heartland tells you the truth. Many people in the US have changed but those who haven’t are even more vicious in their racial bigotry. It is just like when I went to Frostburg State College in Western Maryland. I saw the truth, no more lies or illusions. I like it. I don’t like lies even though I have lied. But, I don’t want to be fooled by the lie that Mr. Obama was elected for any other reason that to try to sell the notion that things have changed. Things have changed and that is precisely why many are up in the arms and showing us what they are more and more. The world is changing; it is going to change. Time is moving on.
But Mr. Obama ripped the bandage off the wound and now the wound is infected again. Exposed.  The wound of racism. How can you heal it when you want to be infected? If you had a sore on your foot and you wanted it to heal, would you treat it with peroxide, gauze, and the proper ointments, or would you keep feeding the infection? You know what I am saying.