Back from Hiatus…Back to Bullets…

elvin-hayes-bulletsOf course, we have been on hiatus. The election rolled around and we had to pontificate in other circles. It is all good but now that the election is over, Christmas is over, and Kwanzaa is over, not to mention the Inauguration, it is onto the more important issues that affect the lives of real people.  And what is the issue that is so important that your born and bred blogger must step to the microphone and speak:

Should the Washington Wizards change their name back to the Washington Bullets?

Ok, this is a non brainer. No real Washingtonian, born here, or adopted would accept the name Wizards? It is close to the worse name in the league on one of the worst teams but, I still love them. Now that New Orleans took Pelicans, I feel slightly better but Wizards is horrific and has always been horrific.  The Washington Post interviewed Wizards’ (I mean Bullets’) Ted Leonsis about it recently and here’s Ted’s take right now:

“…we have taken it under advisement. We’ve done a lot of research on that issue. You know, it’s a major re-design, and it honestly does take about two years if you were to change the name. And so what we elected to do in the short term was to change the look and the feel – which we did last season – of the uniforms and of our design, and go back to that red, white and blue. And I think for the time being, that’s all we’ll do. But yeah, I mean, I’m open to that. Many fans have suggested it…” 

Unfortunately, Ted also stated that he thinks it is a cheap thrill to change the name and it would incite the opposition to the Bullets’ name.  I beg to differ.

I was living here when the name was changed by then owner, Abe Pollin. His friend, Yitzhak Rabin, Prime Minister of Israel, had been murdered. I get that.  The streets of D.C. were violent too. But the streets of D.C. were violent when the name was originally adopted.  The name change was symbolic and noble but it was dismissed the majestic history of the franchise.

The Bullets went to the championship four times in the 1970’s. They won the NBA Championship in 1978. They have Hall of Fame players who are Bullets not Wizards. Wes Unseld was a Bullet. Elvin Hayes.  Lets fix this. Change the name back to Bullets.

It is not an endorsement of violence. It is a salute to the team’s history. I go way back with this franchise. I got back to Earl “the Pearl” Monroe and games at the Washington Coloseum.  I go back to Gus Johnson. I know, this is a selfish call for change. But so what; those who know understand what I’m saying.