Omaha !! (or What is Manning saying?)

275px-Peyton_Manning_(cropped) fr44BLUE 90…OMAHA…

Today’s mystery on your hump day is, what does Peyton Manning mean when he says – “OMAHA.”

Check out the link to hear a few attempts at deciphering the most important code since the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

The best defense in the league plays the best offense in the Super Bowl and league’s best QB is Peyton Manning who, for the last two years, under relaxed NFL rules that favor offense and especially passing, is lights out good.

Historical instincts say a good defense will always beat a good offense but the NFL has been so addicted to offense the last few years I have no idea what will happen or if that historical footnote matters. It also must be noted that Denver beat a lot of good teams but many of these teams shared a trait that worked for Denver: they were weak against the pass.

Denver has run the ball of late as well as secondaries have eased off the line to stop Peyton’s aerial show. That kind of game is a game I am sure Seattle is prepared to live with under the circumstances if they can get their back Marshon Lynch going early.  Denver is pretty good against the run though; their weakness has been covering the pass though many also contend that this is because Denver would get a big lead and then teams would pass every down trying to catch up.


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